Lucy Cordes Engelman & Daniel Mullen

Daniel is also working on a project in collaboration with artist and filmaker, Lucy Cordes Engelman, creating works exploring her SYNESTHESIA.  

Here's their story: 

Synesthesia is an involuntary sensory experience that takes many different forms; from tasting colours to smelling sounds, etc. In Lucy's case, when she sees or thinks about time and numbers (days of the week, months, hours, years) as well as letters/words ie a person’s name, she experiences a different colour sequence in her mind's eye. Additionally, time is spatial and coloured related, as in the days of the week, months, years, all have a coloured location in space and a shifting orientation. Essentially, she has an ever changing complex and luminous filter to view the abstract concepts of our world. The technical names of these types of Synesthesia are: Spatial-Temporal Synesthesia, Spatial Sequence Synesthesia and Number Form as well as Grapheme Colour.  Daniel himself doesn't have it, but he unknowingly developed a way of painting that is the closest visualization Lucy has ever seen of her experience regarding coloured letters, numbers and time. Recently, they’ve created a series of works in which they build a visual representation of time in numbers from all kinds of varying orientations and so on. This project will be developing over the coming  years.

Our work was included in this editorial article about Synesthesia in the history of art by Artsy


                              A DIFFERENT KIND OF TIME: Sequencing Spatial Temporal Synesthesia