In addition my own practice, I'm working on a project in collaboration with artist and filmaker, Lucy Engelman, creating works exploring her SYNESTHESIA.

So here's the the story:

My wife, Lucy, has something rather special, it's called Synesthesia. Synesthesia can take many different forms; from tasting colours to smelling sounds, etc. In Lucy's case, when she sees or thinks about time and numbers (days of the week, months, hours, years) as well as letters /words or even hears someone's name, she experiences a different colour before her eyes. Additionally, time is spatial and coloured related ie: the days of the week, months, years, all have a coloured location in space and a shifting orientation.

Essentially, she has an ever changing complex and luminous filter to view the abstract concepts of our world. The technical names of these types of Synesthesia are: Spatial-Temporal Synesthesia, Spatial Sequence Synesthesia and Number Form as well as Grapheme Colour. 

If you don't have Synethesia, it can be hard to imagine what it's like. I don't have it, but I unknowingly developed a way of painting that, according to Lucy, is the closest visualization she's ever seen of her experience regarding coloured letters, numbers and time. Recently, we've begun to conceptualize a series of works in which we create a visual representation of time in numbers from all kinds of varying orientations and so on. This project will be developing over the coming years.

                                                                             Series: SEQUENCING SPATIAL TEMPORAL SYNESTHESIA