I am a painter. I ­work with paint and tape on raw canvas, creating lines determined by the width of the tape. I use simple geometric forms in complex ways, I employ repetition and use transparent layers to evoke a sense of lightness. I gravitate towards diagonal lines as they are more dynamic. I don’t paint to the edge of the canvas, I leave it bare reminding  me that it’s an illusion.

My paintings are illusions. They concern expectations versus reality. At first glance, one might assume one sees a visual equation, yet upon closer inspection the mirage falls away and one is left with the actual construction of the image. An example; In one of my works there is the impression of space and depth through colour perspective made up of what seems to be many different small lines. Yet in truth, that is an illusion and in total only one line is divided up into the colours that together create the deceptive idea that these are multiple lines.

I like contradictions.

I am a legitimate painter with regards to education, but also an outsider. I am an outsider in thought, as I am faced with the self imposed expectations to comply with the weighty context of art history, and I struggle to manage those expectations. I am fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, by architecture and by technology. But I don’t employ any technological methods to assist in the creation of my work. I am a devoted craftsman and I believe that hand crafting the work to emulate illusion and reproducibility is more compelling than using a mechanical counterpart. I am working with a visual language that appears almost digital. However, I prioritize the human touch while creating seemingly non-human abstractions.

The world at large stimulates my curiosity, I am a painter, a participant.